How do your boots fit? Are they true to size? 

Yes! Our boots fit true to size (we say like your sandal size) and are medium width. If you are unsure of sizing or are really in-between sizes, we always suggest sizing up and getting a shoe insert or wearing a thicker sock. Much better than having squished toes! 

How should a cowboy boot fit? 

When walking in a cowboy boot, your heel should lift about 1/4 inch. A little movement is good!

Are your boots comfortable? 

At Fraulein, comfort is key! Owners Margaret and Sarah wore their very first sample boots to Farm Aid (Fraulein's philanthropy of choice) and walked all day at the concert and then trekked two miles back to their hotel. No blisters! No sore feet! Woohoo! They couldn't have been more thrilled at the comfort. Many of our customers agree, and tell us that their Fraulein's are the most comfortable boots they own! 

How high are the heels on your boots? 

The heels on our boots are dependent on the style. Our 8", 10", and 13" tall shaft styles have a 2" heel height, while our tall boots (17" shaft) have a 2.5" heel. 

Are your boots vintage?

Our boots are what we like to call "original vintage," they're made to look and feel like a vintage boot, but are our own new, original designs.