About us

    We want cuter boots. Vintage style, timeless, comfortable, to wear to football games, rodeos, shopping trips, concerts and carpool. We are sisters with an authentic, unique style that embodies our brand. Cowboy boots have been on our feet since we were little girls. Our hero was Crystal Gayle. We saw her at the Houston rodeo with hair to her waist twirling around with sparkles and boots. We had stars in our eyes. One of our favorite family trips was to Whispering Wind’s dude ranch in Bandera, Tx. Our parents were entertaining friends from Scotland and wanted to show them a cowboy experience of Texas in the 80s. They took us to an iconic honky-tonk, Arkey Blues’ Silver Dollar Saloon. Walking in the door, you head directly down some rickety old stairs with smoke in the air and the smell of pork ribs in a crock pot, this dark musty joint was like nothing we’d ever seen. The sawdust on the floor begged us to ask why? The answer was in the two steps and the boots sliding across the floor. Our late father’s favorite song was Fraulein written by Lawton Williams and sung by Bobby Helms 1957. Just like they don’t make honky-tonks like Arkey Blues anymore, we feel like they don’t make cowboy boots like they used to. We named our boot line, Fraulein Boots, as an homage to our late father and a tribute to honky tonk nostalgia.


    Farm Aid:

    Since 1985, Farm Aid, led by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp, raised $60 million to support family farming, connecting farmers with consumers through local markets and beyond, and ensuring family farm produce reaches those in urban areas.

    At Fraulein Boot Company, our roots run deep. We're not just about boots; we're about preserving the legacy of Western couture. These boots are crafted with love, firmly rooted in our ancestors' soil. Farm Aid's mission mirrors our own values - cultivating the land, nourishing communities, and championing family farm produce. Together, we're sowing seeds of a sustainable future.

    Today through Saturday, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Farm Aid. 


    Learn more, farmaid.org/donate